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Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

A Bodyguard's Aiki-ju-jutsu
Pascal Serei at BUSHIDO-KAI

Montreal's Pascal Serei has studied martial arts from the late 1950s. He is a bodyguard, has taught SWAT troops, and specializes in an aiki-ju-jitsu that is unlike Aikido but still emphasizes softness and fluidity. You will recognize Judo techniques as well as standard aiki fare done with precision and a detail that considers the intent of an opponent who is really trying to hurt you. For practical application, there are few better teachers than Pascal Serei.
DVD: 2 hours,  A-44, $39.00  Pascal Serei

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• O-soto-otoshi
• Ikkyo
• Kote Gaeshi
• Harai Goshi
• Waki Gatame
• Kataha Jime
• Irimi Nage
• Kote Gaeshi
• Irimi Nage
• vs. Mae-geri
• using the body when grappling
• escape from attempted mount
• regarding different types of attack
• Q & A
• A Sampling of Waza
• regarding Randori
• regarding Keri-waza



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Aiki for the Streets (2-DVD set)


Pascal Serei

Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai

Self-defense for the Streets combination set: Montreal's Pascal Serei and NYC's Miguel Ibarra:
3 DVDs, 5 hoursSD-S, $99.00
Self-defense of the Streets

Aiki, Hard & Soft

Aiki, Hard & Soft

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The Edge of Aiki

3 Levels of Aiki

3 Levels of Aiki

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Aiki, Large & Small

Methods on the Edge of Aiki: Aiki, Hard & Soft, The Edge of Aiki, 3 Levels of Aiki, The Edge of Aiki: 4 DVDs, 6.75 HOURS, MEA-p set, $139.00
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Comparative Aiki in Action Set, 6 DVDs, 9 HOURS

CAiAS, 189.00
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Comparative Aiki in Action ebook in Kindle or Nookbook format

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The Principles of Aiki (2-DVD set)

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Soke Don Angier

Soke Don Angier at Bushido-kai

Roland Maroteaux

Shihan Roland Maroteaux at Bushido-kai

Wally Jay/Joe Cowles

Wally Jay & Joe Cowles at Bushido-kai

9 Modern Masters of Aiki and Ju-jutsu: American Masters, Don Angier, Roland Maraoteaux, Wally Jay & Joe Cowles, 4 DVDs, 7.5 HOURS, MS, $99
9 Modern Masters