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  Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Wally Jay and Joe Cowles
at Bushido-kai Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

PART ONE (1 hour): Prof. JAY's favorite video of his small-circle ju-jutsu. Discover why Wally Jay is known as a master who can perform ju-jutsu with effortless grace with techniques that approach an aiki-type of application. Discover how Prof. Jay uses his own investigations to constantly upgrade and modify traditional techniques so that they cease to look traditional.

I. WALLY JAY:Jay/Cowles
• What ju-jutsu is all about
• Two-way Action: Kote Gaeshi (wrist reversal)
• Finger Katate Osae (single hand press)
• Tendon of Triceps
• Vertical Katate Osae
• Distraction
• Two-finger Nikyo
• Tendon of Triceps Holddown
• Lapel Nikyo
• Closing Summary

PART TWO (1 hour): Bruce Lee and ju-jutsu? Learn how Joe COWLES, a Seattle student of Bruce Lee, teaches his WU WEI Gung-fu, a hard/soft system with added ju-jutsu techniques. Cowles' Wu Wei was a strong influence on one level of Takeshin Seiken Budo (see our Secrets of Seiken Budo videos). Cowles is masterful in lightening-fast execution of in-close techniques.

• Pak-sao (slap hand)
• Arm Circlng to Biu Jie (eye poke)
• Pak-sao Follow-ups
• Wrist Release to Biu Jie
• Chop-choy, Gwa-choy to Gwai-ming (knuckle poke, backfist)
• A Recapitulation with Variations
• Re: Chi-sao (sticky hands) & Other Exercises

2 Hours, J-1, $39 Jay/Cowles

DOWNLOAD: 2 Hours, J-1-DL, $39 Jay/Cowles

9 Modern Masters of Aiki and Ju-jutsu on 4 DVDs:

Wally Jay & Joe Cowles (as shown above), Roland Maroteaux, Soke Don Angier, American Masters, 4 DVDs, 7.5 HOURS

4 DVDs: MS, ONLY $99  9 Modern Masters

4 Downloads: MS-DL, ONLY $99  9 Modern Masters



Aiki & Seiken at the 2019 Shinshin Gasshuku

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Aiki for the Streets (2-DVD set)


Pascal Serei

Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai

Self-defense for the Streets combination set: Montreal's Pascal Serei and NYC's Miguel Ibarra:
3 DVDs, 5 hoursSD-S, $99.00
Self-defense of the Streets

Aiki, Hard & Soft

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3 Levels of Aiki

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Aiki, Large & Small

Methods on the Edge of Aiki: Aiki, Hard & Soft, The Edge of Aiki, 3 Levels of Aiki, The Edge of Aiki: 4 DVDs, 6.75 HOURS, MEA-p set, $139.00
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CAiAS, 189.00
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Comparative Aiki in Action ebook in Kindle or Nookbook format

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American Masters

American Masters of 5 Aiki Arts

Soke Don Angier

Soke Don Angier at Bushido-kai

Roland Maroteaux

Shihan Roland Maroteaux at Bushido-kai

Wally Jay/Joe Cowles

Wally Jay & Joe Cowles at Bushido-kai

9 Modern Masters of Aiki and Ju-jutsu: American Masters, Don Angier, Roland Maraoteaux, Wally Jay & Joe Cowles, 4 DVDs, 7.5 HOURS, MS, $99
9 Modern Masters