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Aiki for the Streets Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Defenses to Common Holds and Strikes
AIKI for the Streets

...with Miguel Ibarra (Daito-ryu Yamabushi-kai) & Tony Annesi (Takeshin Aiki-ju-jutsu).
Do you find that your traditional aiki art emphasizes defenses against wrist and lapel holds that are more theoretical than practical? On the streets, a grab is followed rapidly by a punch with the other hand. A body hold proceeds from the rear so someone else can strike you! This 2-part DVD set illustrates defenses to both strikes and rear seizures. Included are techniques that have been tested in actual arrests (Sensei Ibarra is a New York warrant officer) as well as techniques that illustrate theoretical but practical training in minimal motion aiki.

I received the two video set Aiki for the Streets and I have viewed them each twice so far. You really do an awesome job explaining the "why" of the different waza. I really enjoyed the sections on strikes which, in my opinion, is how most street fights begin. As a matter of fact, every one of your video[videos] that I have purchased have been nothing short of enlightening. Your truly have a gift for explaining the different techniques and why they work. Moreover, your videos are much more informational both in quality and quantity as compared to [videos] from [other publishers].
--Dr. Paul Kelley, Ohio

• ANNESI on Atemi (striking)
• ANNESI: "Universal Block"
• ANNESI on Rear Escapes
• ANNESI on Theory
• IBARRA on "Heart"
• IBARRA: Lapel Elbow Lock
• IBARRA: Elbow Lock 2
• IBARRA vs. Rear Body Hold
• IBARRA vs. Stomach Thrust
• IBARRA vs. Rear 2-hand Hold
• IBARRA: Sukui-nage (scooping throw)
• ANNESI on Aspiring to Aiki Self-defense
• ANNESI: Rear 2-hand Drop
• ANNESI: Make Him Let You Grab
• ANNESI vs. Other Rear Attacks
• ANNESI vs. Single Hand & choke

• ANNESI vs. Hammerlock & Choke
• ANNESI vs. Cross Hammerlock & Choke
• ANNESI vs. Double Arm Entangle
• IBARRA vs. Rear Neck Choke 1
• IBARRA vs. Rear Neck Choke 2
• IBARRA vs. Rear Neck Choke 3
• IBARRA: Arm-coil Takedown
• IBARRA: Arm-bar Takedown
• ANNESI: Body Hold Drop
• IBARRA vs. Front body Hold
• ANNESI: Details vs. Body Holds
• ANNESI vs. Low Punch
• ANNESI vs. Gut Shot
• IBARRA vs. Face Punch
• ANNESI vs. Joab, Cross
• Final Comments

2 DVDs, 3 hours  AftS, $69.00 Aiki for the Streets Set

DOWNLOAD: 2 sections, 3 hours  AftS-DL, $69.00 Aiki for the Streets Set

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