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Comparative Aiki in Action 1 Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Look to Execution Rather than Style
Comparative Aiki in Action 1

Different technical points of view of standard aiki techniques. Preliminaries and 15 Ikkyo with evaluations of efficacy.
What makes one version of a technique more or less functional than another? Shihan Tony Annesi suggests that there are no superior styles, rather various technical methods work best in various situations. This may not seem like a grand revelation, but to martial artists who often want to believe that their style addresses all situations better than any other style, that admission is at least refreshing if not downright iconoclastic.

I've been watching your videos for nine years.   Even thought I practice Tae Kwon Do, I have found your ideas to be as applicable to our techniques as they are to Aiki-ju-jutsu techniques.   The insight that I have gained from your Principles of Aiki , as well as from your Principles of Advanced Budo Videos, has been invaluable to my understanding of how to apply techniques under different circumstances. I used to by every martial arts book and magazine that I could.   I was often disappointed by most authors who provided little information beyond the obvious. Since I saw your Principles [of Aiki] videos I have not purchased any other book, except from you.   I have found more USEFUL information in one hour of any of your videos than   in all of the books and magazines I had read in the eight years prior. Thank you for producing the best and most widely applicable martial arts instructional videos that I have ever seen. I enthusiastically recommend your videos to any martial artist, regardless of style.
--Carol Fortney, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for the 'Principles of Advanced Budo' videos. I received them yesterday and have just finished the first of what I know will be many viewings. The level of information and quality of instruction make these [videos] easily amongst the best I have viewed to date, and I have seen some excellent videos. I am looking forward to studying the [videos] further and trying to absorb the information into my karate. I'm sure that even minimal success will lead to significant improvements.
-Jonathan Cale, U.K.

• Dachi (stance)
• Kamae (posture)
• Ma-ai (distancing)
• Tori-waza (gripping technique)
• Kuzushi (off-balancing) for IKKYO
• Koshi Hineri (hip twisting)
• Dai-ashi (big stepping) Version
• Elbow Fork Version
• Side Kagi (Nikyo) Version
• Receiving Shomen-uchi (direct head strike)
• Dai-ashi vs. Shomen-uchi
• Bent Elbow Version
• Kesa-giri (lapel-cut) Version
• Post & Tenkan vs. Tsuki
• Timed Tenkan vs. Shomen-uchi
• Varied Receptions
• Wrist Fold vs. Kosa-dori (cross-grip)
• Dip & Return (Coil to Uncoil)
• Transition: IKKYO to NIKYO

A-7, 1.5 hours, $39.00 Comparative Aiki in Action 1

DOWNLOAD: 1.5 hours, A-7-DL, $39 A-7-DL
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6 DVDs (A-7 thru A-12).
9.5 HOURS, CAiAS: ONLY 189.00  Comparative Aiki Set
6 DOWNLOADS (A-7-DL thru A-12-DL).
9.5 HOURS, CAiAS-DL: ONLY 189.00  Comparative Aiki Set

The book COMPARATIVE AIKI IN ACTION in e-book or paperback format.


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Pascal Serei at Bushido-kai

Self-defense for the Streets combination set: Montreal's Pascal Serei and NYC's Miguel Ibarra:
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Comparative Aiki in Action ebook in Kindle or Nookbook format

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