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Comparative Aiki in Action Book Details

Bushido-kai Book Report: 6-minute review
Comparative AIKI in ACTION

Comparative Aiki in ActionComparative Aiki in Action

What would it be like if you had a repertoire of aiki techniques that multiplied yourcurrent knowledge exponentially? Whydoes each style claim to have "the right way" but no style does it the same way? What is the difference between dojo "exercise" technique and functional "street" technique? Does one lead to the other? If you are interested in expanding your aiki knowledge, you have picked the right book. Over 10 years in the writing with over 700 studio photographs by Toby Threadgill. Hanshi Tony Annesi offers his overview of the methods most common among aiki styles — and the comparative value of each so you can grow exponentially!


1. Preferatory.....9
2. Kote-gatame no Kihon-gata (Basic Forms of Locking the Wrist).....13
3. Dachi (Stance).....25
4. Kamae (Posture) and Its Relationship to the Sword.....31
5. Ma-ai (Harmony of the Gap).....35
6. Tori-waza (Gripping Techniques).....39
7. Kihon Uke-waza (Basic Blocking Technique) and
Metsubushi (Smashing of the Eyes).....45
8. Kuzushi (Off-balancing) and Katate Mochi (Single Hand Hold)....53.
9. Ikkyo/Ude Osae, et al.....61
10. Nikyo/ Kote Mawashi, et al.....87
11. Sankyo/Kote Hineri, et al.....105
[Shintai (Body Movement)].....[112]
12. Yonkyo/ Tekubi Osae, et al.....123
13. Kote Gaeshi, et al.....135
14. Katate Osae, et al.....159
15. Shiho Nage, et al.....167
16. Te Hana/Te Kagami, et al.....183
17. Osae-waza (Pinning Techniques), et al.....195
18. Yubi-waza (Finger Techniques).....223
19. Afterword.....227
About the Author.....239

A Sample Chapter from Comparative Aiki in Action in PDF

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