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  Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 3

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit 3

Aikido and several styles of Aiki-ju-jutsu share many skills and concepts as well as many challenges. Either one works too hard or one seems rather ineffective. The Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit seminars attempt to gradually bring a more fluid, softer, and yet efficacious method to standard Aikido and Aiki-ju-jutsu techniques. This specific program covers ENTRIES and takes basic movements into mid-level and advanced applications.

• As Regards Entries
• Basic Level Tebnkan
• Mid-level Tenkan
• Tenkan Shape vs. Lunge Punch
• Basic level Iriimi
• The Idea of Principle
• Irimi vs. Yokomen Uchi
• Ushiro Ryote-dori Escape
• Receiving a 2-hand Shove
• Connection & Challenging the Center

• Irimi vs. a Roundhouse Kick
• Outside Off-balancing from Nune-dori
• Inside Off-balancing for Mune-dori
• Receiving a 1-2 Punch
• Q & A

2 DVDs, 2.5 hours, AL-33, $79.00 Aikijujutsu Toolkit 3

2 DOWNLOADS: 2.5 hours, AL-33-DL, $79.00 Aikijujutsu Toolkit 3-DL

PARTS 1, 2, & 3 TOGETHER (7.25 hrs)

DVD: Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit SET (part 1, 2, & 3), 5-DVDs (7.25 hrs):
AJJT-set, $169.00 Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit Set

DOWNLOADS: Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit SET (part 1, 2 & 3), 5-sections (7.25 hrs):
AJJT-set-DL, $169.00 Aiki-ju-jutsu Toolkit Set

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