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Gojushiho-dai & -sho Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Gojushiho-dai and -sho
Gojushiho Bunkai

Hard & Soft Applications of GOJUSHIHO-DAI & -SHO

The two Shotokan-style kata compared and contrasted with emphasis on the softer applications. There is no DVD like this available today.
1 DVD (2 hours, 30 min.) KCS-10, $49  Gojushiho

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• Gojushiho-dai Performed
• Gojushiho-sho Performed
• Introduction
• Opening Sequence
• Double Veritcal Fist
• Palm Edge & Punch Sequence
• Upward Elbow & Scoop Block
• Wedge Block (from -sho)
• Woodpecker (from -dai)
• Reverse Knifehand (from -sho)
• Gojushiho-dai Revisited
• Name & History
• Pivot to Horse Stance, etc.
• Bo (staff) Defense, etc.
• Reverse Spearhand & Eagle Beak, etc.
• Palm-edge Block from Horse Stance
• Side Bottomfist to Punch
• Rear Body Hold Escape
• Double Downblock & Follow-up
• Closing Comments
• The Kata Side-by-side

Nijushiho vs. Niseishi

Nijushiho vs. Niseishi



The Hard & Soft Applications of Gojushiho

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15 DVDs, 24.25 HOURS  KSKCs: $499 King-size Kata Set

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