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Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo Details

Aiki DVDs, Karate DVDs, Sogo Budo DVDs

Proto-JKD meets Aiki
Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo

At SEIKEN BUDO's sandan (3rd degree) level, you attack the opponent's attack forcing him to defend while you use his movements to off-balance, trap, lock, strike, or throw. These techniques were adapted from Joe Cowles' Wu-wei Gung-fu. You may also be interested in video J-1 (Wally Jay and Joe Cowles at Bushido-kai).

3 DVDs, 4.75 hours, TBS-4, $99 Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo

DOWNLOAD: 3 sections 4.75 hours, TBS-4-DL, $99 Attack-the-Attack Seiken Budo

• Introduction
• Teisho (palmheel)/Uraken (backfist)
• Age Empi (rising elbow)/Uraken
• Osae (press)/Tekubi-wa (wrist circle)
• V-disengage
• Hiraken (knuckle fist)/Uraken
• Power Punch
• Kokutsu (backstance) Closing
• Zenkutsu (front stance) Closing
• Sokumen Closing
• Cross Hands (Outside)
• Cross Hands (Inside)

• Parallel Hands (Outside)
• Parallel Hands (Inside)
• Sute Geiko (exchange practice):
• Cross Hands (Outside)
• Cross Hands (Inside)
• Parallel Hands (Outside)
• An Aiki Detour
• Back to Parallel Hands

• Free Sute Geiko
• Legs Practice
• Putting Things in Context


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